System Integration and the Formation of Strategic Teams

System Integration and the Formation of Strategic Teams

It has been twenty-one years since the digital transformation boom of the 2000s.

Since then, many processes within corporations have changed, but the journey is ongoing and constantly evolving.

In this regard, system integration has not only altered the way data is processed but also the mindset of the entire team.

When automation of processes occurs, highly qualified professionals within the company spend the majority of their time on strategic tasks.

Meanwhile, systems handle operational activities. Therefore, it’s essential to seek a bespoke software solution!

Well, being part of the 21st century, you understand how important it is to implement technologies to fully harness a company’s most valuable assets: its people.

So, continue reading this article to learn how system integration plays a role in creating strategic teams.

The Importance of System Integration

System integration aims to bring together various independent components operating within your company to work together.

But how does this benefit the corporation in a practical sense?

We know that most companies use several different subsystems that operate independently.

So, for example, the finance department holds the invoice system, but if accounting needs to access this data, it requires contacting the previous department.

And what can this lead to?

Certainly, process delays, inconsistent information, longer waiting times to perform an operation, among other inconveniences.

Therefore, integrated systems enable companies to work with the following benefits:

Democratisation of Access

The previously mentioned issue can be easily resolved with integrated systems that promote the democratization of access.

In this way, various departments within the company expand their knowledge regarding issued fiscal documents.

As a result, it becomes possible to identify improper issuances and take prompt and corrective actions to prevent business losses.

Increased Productivity

With integrated and automated systems, employees can optimise their time, as they will be spared manual tasks.

As a result, team productivity increases!

Moreover, by expediting operations, strategic areas can obtain the necessary data in a timely manner for making more accurate decisions.

Cost Reduction

By reducing unnecessary redundancy and the payment of licenses for multiple systems, the company can profit from cost reduction.

Moreover, positive profitability will result from task automation that allows for cost-cutting and bottleneck reduction.

Impacts of System Integration on Teams

Integrated systems bring benefits to everyone within a company, from the board of directors to the operational staff.

This is because, when manual work is eliminated, human errors decrease.

In this way, teams have greater confidence in the information.

As a result, the company’s growth strategies can be developed based on data that reflects the current situation of the organization.

It’s worth noting that the implementation of integrated systems directly contributes to intelligent and accurate activity development.

Thus, system integration enables professionals to focus on more intelligent activities that contribute to effective business strategies.

For a practical example, let’s consider a logistics analyst in a company.

Instead of spending hours manually inputting supplier data into a system, this employee can dedicate their attention to a more in-depth analysis of data that provides a competitive advantage for the company.

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