Tips for Hiring a Development Team

Tips for Hiring a Development Team

How to Hire a Development Team? Certainly, the trend in today’s business world is for things to happen quickly and agilely. In times of unpredictable economy, negotiations become more complex due to increasingly demanding clients.

Furthermore, the competition among software providers elevates those who deliver creative solutions within the deadline and according to the client’s needs to a higher level.

A software factory must understand that it is necessary to modify how it recruits its talents and that traditional management standards do not always work efficiently, depending on the team.

So, how do you hire a development team that meets market demands and operates in the industry with a different vision from what is normally found in a professional?

Follow this article, and through the topics below, learn how to build your team more effectively.

  • Forming a Development Team
  • Look for a T-Shaped Professional
  • Rethink the Work Environment

Learn How to Build a Development Team

Undoubtedly, the challenge of assembling a skilled system development team lies in two aspects: high salaries and a shortage of genuinely qualified professionals. Therefore, this investment must be taken seriously.

Furthermore, putting together a team with 100% of exceptional talents is not a readily achievable task. However, having 10% of these professionals on board can already yield highly positive results.

In conclusion, if you aim for a truly efficient software factory that operates smoothly, meeting deadlines and navigating different development phases, it is recommended that 25% of your team consists of market-leading talents.

Look for a T-Shaped Professional

Embarking on a new path, heavily inspired by startups, it is indeed possible to achieve efficient work with a smaller team. However, this team should be composed of professionals considered “outliers.”

In other words, they are typically identified as T-Shaped professionals. The letter T represents two axes of knowledge, with the vertical axis being the specialist and the horizontal axis being the generalist.

This means that the current market demands professionals who excel in software development but also possess a broader and more strategic understanding of the business.

Consequently, their work will not be limited solely to application development, for example, as they have a greater ability to envision how their actions impact other areas of the company.

Rethink the Work Environment Before Hiring a Team

However, finding an “outlier” professional is not an easy task, as they have the freedom to choose where and with whom to work.

Therefore, offer an attractive work environment. Do not adhere to conventional management models that are applicable to businesses not closely resembling a software factory.

A setting that fosters creativity, encourages team interaction, and promotes flexible working hours and effective communication will yield excellent results.

Hiring a development team is not a simple task that can be resolved overnight. It requires seeking professionals capable of delivering work that stands out from the rest.

Companies like UBISTART have teams composed of these professionals, who excel in developing solutions guided by a comprehensive understanding of your business, experience design, and cutting-edge technologies.

If you want a sure path to find the team that will deliver the solutions your company needs, fill out the form below and receive a call from one of our sales consultants.

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