What is automation and how can it benefit your company?

What is automation and how can it benefit your company?

All organisations have an operational routine that often involves numerous processes and tasks, making the completion of activities a challenge. This is because manual work can be repetitive, requiring more time and attention.

Today, however, companies can rely on an ally called automation to improve their activities through system integration.

The impact of automation has generated so many benefits that a study by the World Economic Forum predicts that at least 40% of jobs in the United States are expected to be automated in the coming years.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain what process automation is and how implementing this resource can benefit your business. Follow the topics:

  • What is process automation?
  • Benefits
  • How to automate processes in your company

What is process automation?

Process automation involves incorporating technological resources and tools to organise, simplify, and expedite daily tasks.

In this manner, through the use of automation, manual and outdated working methodologies are replaced with innovative alternatives.

In most cases, these resources employ machines based on artificial intelligence or possessing the capability to handle repetitive tasks and large volumes of data quickly and without errors.

Therefore, opting for process automation means optimising tasks and reducing costs, resulting in a more dedicated team focusing on strategic activities that will enhance the organisation’s deliveries. Continue reading to discover the key benefits of automation.

Benefits of Automation

Regardless of the industry in which a company operates, automation can generate various benefits with more dynamic actions and less complexity. Understand the key benefits:

Increases productivity

By enhancing operational efficiency, the company also becomes more productive as a consequence, especially when dealing with repetitive processes prone to errors.

In this way, employees have more freedom for creative processes that, combined with technology, make work much more engaging and of higher quality.

Assists in cost reduction

You might even think that initiating the implementation of automation will incur costs. This may indeed be relevant, but only at the outset.

With automation processes in place, execution time decreases, as does the amount of resources used. Therefore, it is crucial to view the implementation as an investment.

Standardizes processes

Automation standardises the quality of services provided, helping to enhance user experience and strengthen the company’s image.

Cost reduction

Manual tasks increase the chances of errors; however, some errors can tarnish the business’s image and result in higher costs.

Automation helps reduce these problems, avoiding rework and costs arising from unforeseen issues.

Enhances data management

Data is essential for any organisation, as it allows monitoring the progress of activities and what can be done to improve them.

Certainly, software systems facilitate this work by providing reports, graphs, and other resources to access the desired information more quickly.

How to implement process automation in your company

To kickstart the automation process in your company, it’s essential to compile a list of daily tasks, mapping out the most repetitive and complex activities.

Next, you need to assess the procedures and understand which technologies will be ideal for addressing the company’s processes. However, don’t forget to align these changes with the organization’s culture so that the entire team can embrace and perform at their best.

In this transition, rely on the customized digital solutions that Ubistart provides. We create solutions that align with your business. We’re here for you!

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